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As a teacher I am inspired by the sentiments of sociologist C. Wright Mills, who describes good teaching not so much as teaching students what to think, but as the art of helping students learn how to think while at the same time revealing to them “what a fine feeling you get when you do it well” (Mills 1959: 79). 

Recent Courses

Legacy of Rebellion

Explores indigenous resistance to conquest and colonialism in the Andes, focusing on the charismatic characters Tupac Amaru I, Tupac Amaru II, and Tupac Amaru Shakur.

Individual & Collective: Understanding Social Change

An introduction to social theory, connecting classical and contemporary sociological ideas to current events students care about.

Food & Society

This course provides an overview of the emergent field of Food Studies, paying close attention to the symbolic and cultural roles of food, connecting food production and consumption, and examining the politics of hunger and obesity.

Locked Up: Incarceration in Question

A team-taught, year-long, service learning course that examines mass incarceration through the lenses of fine art and sociology.

Conexiones: Time, Space, and Culture

A summer study abroad program in Cuenca, Ecuador, focusing on food and rural development.

Group at El Cajas.jpg

With students at El Cajas National Park in Ecuador

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